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  • Changed to JADE version 4.1.1
  • Changed the Agent.GUI start arguments and hereby the program start of Agent.GUI. That allows now also the use of the JADE start arguments, just by using the parameter “-jade”. For the JADE start arguments, see the JADE administrative guide.
  • Changed start of remote container: Instead of the jade.jar, the AgentGui.jar will be used now.
  • ANT-Script: Simplified ANT script for the generation of the AgentGui.jar; the jar-files like simulation.jar, debugging.jar and so on are not longer needed.
  • ANT-Script: Debug option was added to the javac-command <javac debug="true" …>.
  • ANT-Script: batic-references justified.
  • It’s now possible to delete MAS-projects out of the application.
  • The way to set the default values for load thresholds (balancing process) was corrected.
  • Revised the about dialog.
  • Revised the simulation setup: While loading the agent lists for the MAS-execution, the classes of the agents were not verified, which disturbed the MAS-execution (initialize the classes now).
  • Debugged: simulation setup handling for environment models.
  • Some debugging regarding the project resources and the displaying of available agents, ontologies and services.
  • Corrected the way of set the default values for load thresholds.


  • Added method addEnvironmentType() to the PlugIn-Class, which enables to use Agent.GUI with an own customized environment model.

Environment models

  • Important change in handling environment models: Before version 0.96 a customized environment model was defined with the help of a class that extends agentgui.core.environment.EnvironmentPanel. Since version 0.96 this was changed to the class EnvironmentController (same package), which simplifies the creation and the use of the user-environment model.
  • Enabled Agent.GUI to handle user-environment models through user-PlugIns!

Graph or Network

  • Added Jung.bat for starting the JUNG examples in folder ./lib/jung/. Just change the class reference in order to display different examples.
  • Some debugging regarding the handling of simulation setups in network models.
  • Added getCopy() to the graph environment model; 
    class: agentgui.envModel.graph.networkModel.NetworkModel
  • Added initial graph position and size for the visualization
  • Added validation for the network model and the concurrent list of agents that has to be started with or for the network model
  • Added 'snap to grid' - function for dragging nodes
  • Added new mouse features for handling a network model. In picking mode dragging can be done by pressing the right mouse button, zooming by using the mouse wheel.
  • Revised ComponentTypeSetting dialog and added further configurations for graph visualization or ComponentTypes respectively.
  • Network model will be displayed by the DisplayAgent during the MAS execution.
  • Added a possibility to display alternative (e.g. clustered) NetworkModel's of the GraphEnvrionment during the MAS-execution

Continuous 2D environment model

  • Long calculations in a simulation had the side effect that the display agent didn't display any new data. This behaviour was revised.
  • The displaying behaviour is smarter now. Only if the number of transactions change or the current position is not at the end of the transaction list, the data are displayed. Otherwise the thread sleeps for a certain time. If the thread awakes it will check for changes.
  • It's possible to save the entire route that an agent calculated as a SVG file. This can be used for debugging purposes.
  • Simulation managers have to access the environment model now differently.
  • Different strategies for calculating the route of an agent: Instead of just considering the agents which are passed as an argument, now all agents are considered that are less than 20 pixels away from the current agent.
  • New different possibilities to calculate routings: Instead of using an ID for the start or target-position, all combinations (ID+ID, ID+POS, POS+ID, POS+ POS) are now possible to use.

Agent-GUI Projects

  • Recreated the project “GameOfLife” in order to demonstrate the creation of an individual environment model and the use of the Agent.GUI - SimulationService.
  • Created the project “AgentGUI-PlugIn” in order to demonstrate how menus, the toolbar or project tabs can be extended.


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