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Changes in version 1.04 - revision 431 - 2015/10/26 15:47 Print option in slimbox / lytebox? (info) E-mail


  • Changed encoding for the build of Agent.GUI to UTF8.
  • Creation of a JavaDoc will now delete all old API packages.
  • Revised documentation / API.

  • Updated JADE to version 4.3.3. (including JavaDoc).
  • Added further SIGAR library for the arm processor of a RaspberryPi.

  • Some refactoring in the class GlobalInfo.
  • Added information about the last update check to the GUI class UpdateOptions (part of the option dialog).
  • Resolved format problem for version date and time.
  • Class Language: Changed access to local attributes to method calls.
  • Class ZipperMonitor: Changed access to the class in order to allow its usage also in external applications.
  • Class ProgressMonitor: Changed access to the class in order to allow its usage also in external applications.
  • Fixed NullPointer Exception in the class ClassSearcher.
  • Resolved bug in the option dialog: In case of new installed Agent.GUI with missing projects NullPointer occurred.

  • Improved headless mode of Agent.GUI:
    • Agent.GUI will now automatically check, if a X11 environment (or similar) is available (see Application.isOperatingHeadless()).
    • Added '-headless' as a further start parameter for Agent.GUI.
    • In case of headless operation, a file will be created in the Agent.GUI main directory (named 'Shutdown_XXXX.txt'), where XXXX will be replaced by an execution mode description (e.g. 'ServerMaster') and the current process ID (PID). If the file is deleted, Agent.GUI will shut down.
    • Shutdown observation was removed from an agent to the Thread application.core.ShutdownThread.
    • Added linux /etc/init.d/ script to the repository (see file /resources/linux/agentgui).
    • In case of headless operation, log files will be written into a dedicated directory. In case of Linux, the log file will be written into '/var/log/agentgui', while in Windows systems an other, a sub directory '/log' of the Agent.GUI installation will be used. For the file name the pattern '[DATE]_[PID]_AgentGui.log' is used.
  • Fixed some problems for the configuration of a server.master: host, port and port for MTP will now be used as configured. Especially in case that these setting represent the local machine, these settings will explicitly be applied.
  • Added further error checks for the URL/IP configuration of the background system.

  • SimulationService: Removed 'Runnable' architecture from the Actuator classes for agents and manager. Instead, the ServiceActuator class extends a Thread now.

  • Reorganised project tab 'Distribution + Thresholds'.
  • Added option to the project setup (see tab 'Distribution + Thresholds') in order to allow/avoid opening the LoadMonitor at Jade startup.
  • Added option to the project setup (see tab 'Distribution + Thresholds') in order to directly record the system load with the start of JADE.
  • Revised the internal structure of the system load visualisation.

  • Added a ThreadMonitor that additionally allows to measure user and system time of each Java-Thread and thus for each agent (experimental phase!).
  • Extended LoadService in order to allow distributed Java-Thread monitoring.

Graph or Network

  • Added a NetworkComponentFactory to the graph environment model. It replaces several internal methods within the AddComponentDialog and allows now the creation of new NetworkComponent instances without the GraphEnvironmentController.
  • Some debugging in the class NetworkModel: Creation of the GraphElement to NetworkComponent Hash will automatically refresh the GraphElements now. In a distributed case this was the reason for run time exceptions.
  • Resolved bug resulting from copy and past as well as from merge and spit actions.
  • Accelerated the access to NetworkComponents over GraphElements by introducing a new HashMap for that.
  • Revised getCopy() method of the class NetworkModel. The copy will now be done by a serializable clone process, which accelerates the copy process dramatically.

  • Removed unused abstract methods from GraphElementPrototypes
  • Removed yEd file-Importer for the GraphEnvironment

  • Improved delete function for the user: Deleting single edged components will now keep NetworkComponent's that are DistributionNodes.
  • Redesigned clustering within the NetworkModel and thus resolved bug in method 'replaceComponentsByCluster()' of the NetworkModel.


Changes in version 1.03 - revision 335 - 2014/08/22 14:02


  • Some general debugging.
  • Small modifications regarding the error handling of a DBConnection.
  • JarFileCreator: Resolved problems with image files that are used within a bin-path / project.
  • Small modifications regarding the SimulationSetup.
  • Refactored SimulationSetupNotifications.
  • Extended PlugIn class in order to react on changes within a SimulationSetup.
  • Eliminated bug in class DynTable: Automated row selection resulted into errors.
  • Extended TimeSeriesHelper with two new add methods.
  • The JavaDoc build script contains now a variable to adjust the executable for the JavaDoc creation.
  • Agent.GUI-JavaDoc will now be created with Java 7.

Graph or Network

  • Removed bug in NetworkComponentAdapter.
  • Added handling functions for multiple property dialogues of the GraphEnvironment.

Agent.GUI - Projects

  • Updated the example projects 'Game of Life' and 'Agent.GUI PlugIn Example' in order to include the above described changes. To keep these projects executable for the current Agent.GUI installation, please download the latest version from the Agent.GUI site (see Agent.GUI - Projects)!


Changes in version 1.02 - revision 323 - 2014/05/23 14:44


  • Fixed problems for execution type EmbeddedSystemAgent.
  • Fixed bug for resolving the MAC-Address of the current system.
  • Small changes in the class TimeFormatSelection.
  • Fixed Bug for XML to Object conversion of ontologies: Exception will be caught if an ontology class has a changed structure. Additionally, a new empty instance of the class will be created.
  • Resolved some smaller issues.

Graph or Network

  • Added Edge type configuration for the GraphEnvironment.


Changes in version 1.01 - revision 310 - 2014/02/17 17:24


  • Updated JADE to version 4.3.1
  • Updated MySQL-JDBC Connector to version 5.0.8
  • Benchmark will from now on only be executed again, if the MAC-address changes. In the past we have used for this purpose the URL or IP.
  • Added 'Service' and 'Embedded System Agent' as new further execution modes to Agent.GUI (see menu 'Extras' -> 'Options' -> Tab:'Program Start' and http://www.agentgui.org/index.php/overview/execution-modes).
  • Redesign final update process of AgentGuiUpdate.jar: Process takes svn-connected projects into account now.
  • Added automatic search for './bin/'-folder for cases where projects are developed by using a svn-server.
  • Fixed bug in the series settings of TimeSeriesCharts and XYCharts.
  • Bug fix in the 'About' dialog.
  • Refactored class DBConnection in order to allow access to further databases with this class.
  • Added unit expression and new .toString()-method to class agentgui.math.calculation.CalcExpression.

Graph or Network

  • Bug fixes in class GraphGlobal for the location of image files.
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