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  • Integrated a dialog in order to inform about recent changes.
  • Refactored the main class agentgui.core.project.Project: public attributes are now encapsulated into corresponding getter and setter methods.

Environment models

  • Implemented selections and visual representations for TimeModel's in the 'Resources' tab and in the tab 'Simulation-Setup'. It's now possible to select and configure a TimeModel for a project that can be used during the execution of an agency. For this Agent.GUI now provides three extendable base classes that are representing either a simple counter, a discrete time/date-based model or a continuous time/date based model, where the real system time can be accelerated or be retarded. In order to get an impression of these TimeModel's', you can play around with the 'Time model' settings in the 'Game of Life' 'Resources' tab. Since the Game of Life not really needs to have a time line we extended the game for demonstration purposes. Further information will follow in a tutorial.
  • In order to allow a unified handling of environments (or maybe better 'environment models') we focused this topic in the class agentgui.simulationService.environment.EnvironmentModel. This means that a general environment model for the configuration and the later execution will consist of a TimeModel, a displayable data object and an abstract data object.
  • For the above described reason we refactored several other classes like
    - agentgui.simulationService.environment.EnvironmentModel,
    - agentgui.core.environment.EnvironmentController,
    - agentgui.core.environment.EnvironmentPanel and other.
    The last two are also the base classes that we have extended for the GraphEnvironmentController (for networks) or the SquaredEnvironmentController for the GameOfLife example.
  • Redesigned the abstract DisplayAgent for EnvironmentModel's'
  • Redesigned the abstract SimulationManagerAgent for EnvironmentModel's

Graph or Network

  • Extended the saving procedure for individual data models of network components and included a dialog that informs about the progress of saving.

Agent.GUI - Projects

  • Updated the example projects 'Game of Life' and 'Agent.GUI PlugIn Example' in order to include the above described changes. To keep these projects executable for your Agent.GUI installation, please download the latest version from our web site (see Download => Agent.GUI - Projects) !



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