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  • Update to JADE version 4.2
  • Integrated a web-based update process for the executable of Agent.GUI
  • API’s and documentations of the used libraries are now zipped and can be found in the corresponding library folder of Agent.GUI. That makes the executable version of Agent.GUI larger, but hopefully more transparent if you just program against the AgentGui.jar
  • From now on, the source code of Agent.GUI is only available via svn and will be no longer part of the download areas available at SourceForge or our website.
  • Exchanged the Google translate API: For translations, now a Google account is required. Further information can be found in the dictionary dialog of Agent.GUI
  • Integrated the libraries of jFreeChart to Agent.GUI (see http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/)
  • Integrated new ANT build scripts that allow to build and pack new releases or quick builds
  • Refactored the main static application class agentgui.core.application.Application: The static global attributes, like MainWindow and other were removed and are now accessible via methods like getMainWindow() and so on
  • Setup handling (adding, removing, renaming, copying) for projects can now be done within the toolbar of the Agent.GUI main window
  • Fixed some issues in the ClassLoaderUtility, so that agents in external jar-files now will be found
  • Extended the AgentGUI_BaseOntology for the handling of graph plots based on the library jFreeChart
  • Redesigned the data structure of projects, as for example the definition of start arguments for agents
  • Project tabs can now be enlarged, by double clicking on a tab or using their context menu
  • Fixed path handling for MAC- and UNIX-systems

Environment models

  • The SimulationService can now be used also by adding / extending a so called SimulationServiceBehaviour
  • By using the SimulationService, an agent or a behaviour that listens to environment changes can be declared as active or passive listener. An example for a passive listener can be seen in a kind of displaying agent that just show the current environment model and that will not act on it

Graph or Network

  • General refactoring and restructuring of the Graph and Network environment model
  • Extended and redesigned the dialog for the definition of the network components
  • Introduced Undo and Redo functionalities to the manual design process of network models
  • Integrated the ability to handle and display alternative NetworkModel that are related to the original topology in the simulation setup
  • DistributionNodes can now be displayed with an image
  • Introduced a satellite view for a NetworkModel that allows to orientate and focus on specific areas
  • Introduced the class NetworkModelAdapter that allow the design of individual, agent-internal data models that can be edited within the visual representation. Additionally this class can be used to create individual, component-related context menus (further improvements will follow)
  • Introduced support for clustering of a NetworkModel
  • Introduced the class GraphElementLayout that enables to set the visual appearance of a NetworkComponent, like a colored background and more
  • Introduced methods for setting directions of edges during runtime
  • The visualisation of a NetworkModel can be exported as image

Agent.GUI - Projects

  • Updated PlugIn - Project to the latest Agent.GUI version
  • Updated GameOfLife - Project to the latest Agent.GUI version

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