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Introduction to Agent.GUI
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Application functionalities for End user
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Application functionalities for End user

For the end user, the project will appear now as shown in the next image gallery below (1st image). The ‘Configuration’ tab will be removed and only a 'Simulation-Setup' can be done.


As the image shows, Agent.GUI provides the possibility to define several setups based on one available MAS-project. That means that the user can setup a number of agents now, which have to do their tasks during one execution. For this purpose agents can be selected out of the list of available agents and be added to the 'Start list' on the left.

If the start arguments for an agent were configured before (see the description of the tab 'Agents' in the previous section and image no. 2 in the following image gallery), these start arguments can now be used within a simulation setup. With the selection of an agent, a form will be displayed that allows those configurations.
Important: Do not forget to press the Save-Button on the top right, if you want to use the current settings.

Depending on the selected environment model, the main tab 'Simulation-Setup' will appear with a further tab called 'Simulation-Environment', which enables the user to configure an environment for a simulation setup. The images 4 and 5 are showing, examples of the environments for 'Graph or Network' and the 'Continuous 2D environment model'. The usage of such environment models can be configured in the Resource tab of the Configuration.

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