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For those who want to understand our system in more detail we would like to introduce some basic concepts first. Naturally and hopefully this will result in the question, “Can we realize our ides with this system?” or “Is it possible to create a system, that … ?”. We would like to claim and simply say "Yes", which may, however, not always be true at this point in time, but it describes quite well our goal. It is also to understand as an invitation for you to join our group, with your experience or your requirements.

What is Agent.GUI good for?

It seems to be hard to understand what a “multi-agent system” is or can be, but it, actually, is not. Understanding this concept as an easy way for the division (decomposition) of a problem might help here as a first step. This division results to systems, which are consisting of independent units, which are embedded in an overall system, that we call “Environment”.

To be a little more exemplary: Assume an overall system, where 22 entities are trying to get a small thing called ball, then you can imagine the overall system (or “Environment”) as a football field. Here the single player is called “Agent”, which has naturally different qualities and skills - the teams (with all players) can be titled as “Multi-Agent System” (MAS).

This results in the fact, that we already have understood the basic concept of “Agents”, “MAS” and “Environment” now.

Looking out of our window, we have to realize that most of the real world out there is like this: complex, distributed and depending on the interaction of independent participants. Examples can be found everywhere like in logistics, traffic, crisis management, in the energy market and so on. If you would like to build a system or a simulation, which addresses such (complex) correlations, we think that you are at the right place here.

Because agent systems can be complex on their own, we don’t assume an expert from the logistics- or from the energy-domain will in-depth understand the underlying technology. Therefore Agent.GUI addresses especially the usage of distributed Multi-Agent Systems by using and extending the frameworks integrated graphical user interface.

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