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With the execution modes we are addressing the use of Agent.GUI for various applications areas. These are the execution as:

  • End-User Application: This is the default execution mode, where you can organise your agent-developments as projects with several individual setups. Together with the Background Service, you can simply control and distribute your agents from here. In addition, tools for debugging and monitoring are available.
  • Background System: In order to distribute your agents, you can execute further instances of Agent.GUI on different machines as so called 'server' for the Background System. By executing your agents within the End-User Application, this allows you to automatically start further JVM and JADE-Container instances on different machines. Details are explained here.
  • Service: This is the first mode that automatically executes your JADE-agents as far as AgentGui.jar will be executed. Just select the Agent.GUI project and the desired setup that you want to execute and that's it. In fact, the appearance of Agent.GUi will be the same as executing it as an End-User Application in the default mode, but user requests will be skipped and your agents can directly start working. By concurrently setting up the Background System on different machines, you are now able to create flexible and scaleable cluster solutions, where agents can be used for various reasons and applications.
    The image below shows the Options dialog of Agent.GUI (menu => 'Extras' => 'Options') and a coniguration for our example project 'Game of Life' whereby, in this case, 722 agents would be started directly.
    Agent.GUI-Execution Mode: Service
  • Embedded System Agent: This is the second mode that allows a direct execution of JADE, but in contrast to the Service execution mode described above, just a single agent will be started. Additionally the graphical representation of Agent.GUI will be restricted. The execution mode can be configured as shown in the following image:
    Agent.GUI-Execution Mode: Embedded System Agent

Some further remarks to the execution mode of an Embedded System Agent:

  • For both cases of an automated system start a project has to be selected. Based on the project configurations, JADE will be started. This applies in every case for the configured JADE port, but only partly for the configured JADE-BaseServices (description follows further below).
  • In order to switch form Service to Embedded System Agent, select the corresponding option at Run as. Than click on the button behind the text field 'Agent' and select the desired agent type in the Class-Selector.
  • For the remaining visualisation of Agent.GUI you have two options:

    a) Completely remove and disable all visual representation: With this option Agent.GUI will be executed completely hidden. The output of the console will be redirected to a log file that is located in the root-directory of Agent.GUI - it will be named 'AgentGuiDeviceAgent.log'. Concurrently a file named 'AgentGuiDeviceAgentShutDownXXXX.txt' will be created that indicates that Agent.GUI is running. 'XXXX' will be replaced by the actual port number that JADE is using during execution. Since thus there remains no chance for an interaction with AgentGUI the latter file is permanently observed by a system agent. As soon as this file is deleted by an administrator, the agents, JADE and Agent.GUI will be shut down automatically.

    Please note (!) that several BaseServices that are offered by Agent.GUI will be removed before JADE is executed. This applies for the SimulationService, the LoadService and the DebugService. As a consequence, these JADE container-services are not available for the execution mode of an Embedded System Agent. In order to switch the system back to another execution mode, please edit the option 01_RUNAS in the file './properties/agentgui.ini'. Here, several options are allowed while the string 'Application' is the default value that enables the visual configuration of Agent.GUI again.

    b) Display at least the Agent.GUI - Tray Icon: Here the visual appearance is identical to the server modus of Agent.GUI. By right-clicking on the Tray Icon, a context menu will appear that allows starting and stopping JADE and the configured agent. Additionally, the context menu enables access to the Options dialog again and the console output can be displayed.



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