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Agent.GUI is a framework, which addresses the utilization of Multi-Agent systems (MAS) and Multi-Agent based simulations (MABS) for end users of different domains than computer science. As the suffix of the name indicates, Agent.GUI provides a predefined Graphical User Interface which can be extended by developers in order to address the needs of engineers, economists or (of course) computer specialists.

Agent.GUI is completely developed in Java, which leads to common advantages such as platform independence, mulitithreading and so on. In addition, offered through countless open source projects, this enables developer to more compose powerful software tools than building them from the scratch. This is especially the case for simulations, that are working with the paradigm of agents and Multi-Agent systems (Read more...).

The tools and frameworks we have combined in our solution are numerous and we would like to thank the developers of these tools for their great work. This is first of all the team which created the JADE platform that provides the powerful agent technology to our framework. Furthermore we would like to mention the projects Hyperic-SIGAR, JUNG, BATIK, SciMark2.0 and the unoffical Java client API for using Google Translate (Read more...).

We hope that developer will find our Agent.GUI project helpful and always welcome new contributors.

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For those who want to understand our system in more detail we would like to introduce some basic concepts first. Naturally and hopefully this will result in the question, “Can we realize our ides with this system?” or “Is it possible to create a system, that … ?”. We would like to claim and simply say "Yes", which may, however, not always be true at this point in time, but it describes quite well our goal. It is also to understand as an invitation for you to join our group, with your experience or your requirements.

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Since we are trying to address the needs of developer and end user we distinguish between predefined end user functionalities, which can be extended by developers and features or interfaces, which can be utilized by developers in order to fulfill the design objectives.

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The Agent.GUI background system allows enhancing a running JADE-based Multi-Agent system on the fly. Here, enhancing means that the Agent.GUI end user application, for example, is already running on a computer but it can already be imagined that the expected application needs will exceed the capacity of the local computer. The solution is obvious: Distribute your simulation over further machines (computers) in your private network by using the Agent.GUI background system.

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Developing your agent project together with Agent.GUI will require testing your developments within Agent.GUI. For this and other reasons Agent.GUI has to be integrated into your IDE-project. Since Agent.GUI not only allows you to integrated finished or packed JAVA jar-files, the cycle between development and testing can be shorten and configured quite easy, which will (should) accelerate your developments.

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